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Navigating Your Stormwater Fees



When it rains, alleys and streets carry water away from our homes and yards and into storm drain pipe systems. All that water flowing into our drain systems also picks up and carries trash and pollutants right to our streams, our harbor and the Chesapeake Bay. Stormwater is the fastest growing source of water pollution.


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Join us and ACT 

Take these steps to reduce your stormwater management fees.


Assess: Some important questions to consider when evaluating your property:

1.) What is impervious surface?
       Physical structures i.e. Roofs of buildings, sheds, parking lots/parking spaces, driveways, any pavement, compacted gravel.          


2.) How much impervious surface do I have?
       Tip: Visual satellite photos will help you differentiate between permeable land (fee not  applicable)  on your property and impervious surfaces (fee applicable). Please visit Google Maps for a bird's eye view of your property. 


3.) Is there space on my property or a project?
       Tip: Identify spaces and infrastructure you are willing to modify for possible projects.

Connect: Understand the issues and receive support on a home or office improvement project that will reduce your fees.


1.) General Information (Click links below for additional information).

       MDE  Stormwater FAQ's
       Stormwater Glossary 
       Whiteford Taylor Preston 

2.) Jurisdictional Specific Information (Click links below for additional information). 


       Anne Arundel County 
       Baltimore County
       Baltimore City
       Carroll County
       Charles County 
       Frederick County
       Harford County
       Howard County 
       Montgomery County    
       Prince George's County

3.) Programs & Resources (Click links below for additional information).  

       Blue Water Baltimore Audit Opportunity 
       Blue Water Baltimore Recommended Contractors
       Blue Water Baltimore Water Audit Rebates
       Blue Water Congregations Initiative
       Chesapeake Bay Trust
       Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake
       Parks and People
       READY Program 
       Riverwise Program 

Take Action: Project and credit information.  


1.) Project Ideas (Click links below for additional information).

      Rain Garden
      Bio Retention Area
      Vegetated Swales/Dry Swales
      Green Roofs 
      Porous Pavement 
      Stream Buffer Restoration

2.) Applying for Credit (Click links below for  additional info).
       Anne Arundel County
       Baltimore County  
       Baltimore City 
       Carroll County 
       Charles County 
       Frederick County
       Harford County 
       Howard County 
       Montgomery County 
       Prince George's County 


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